Coral Tread

Coral Tread is New Zealand’s number one choice for recessed entrance matting. At 10mm thickness, this coral tread mat sits in a proprietary recess or can also be mounted on the floor surface with ramping.

Coral Tread Features:

Coral Tread is made of a high quality aluminium frame with long life polyamide carpet strips to trap dirt and moisture at the door. The mat is designed to be a barrier against dirt and water coming off of the footwear of people walking in through the entrance. The coral tread mat can be custom made to client specifications. This matting product has been used around New Zealand in various commercial buildings like offices and supermarkets. These coral tread mats are designed to allow smooth trolley movement. These mats improve floor protection and greatly enhance the look of the building entrance.

Contact us today to get detailed information about the coral tread mat and get one installed at your doorway.

Click here for a quick view or download of colour swatch.

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