Axis Tiles – The number 1 choice for shopping mall entrance matting.

Axis tiles form an interlocking modular entrance matting system with water absorbent, intense wear carpet inserts.  These tiles form an efficient barrier against dirt and water from footwear. Axis tiles have been designed to suit multi-directional foot traffic and is effective in trapping dirt and moisture at the door. An entrance mat made using these versatile Axis tiles are anti-slip and anti-dirt in all conditions. The matting system works best indoors or in weather protected areas.

Ideal for high foot traffic areas like shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, airports, schools, university buildings and other commercial buildings. Axis tiles are damage resistant, but in case of damage the entire mat doesn’t have to be replaced. Only those tile units that have sustained damage will need to be replaced. Easy to clean and maintain.

Very popular for use in shopping malls, including the latest one to open in West Auckland, the Northwest Shopping Centre. Click here to go to our Matting Solutions Gallery or scroll through the gallery on the left to view the pictures of our matting work with Axis Tiles. These pictures were taken at the mall before it opened to public.

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