Premium quality Recessed mats. Supply and install.

Recessed mats trusted by shopping malls, supermarkets and other commercial buildings. Backed up by extensive experience.

Coral Tread

NZ’s number one recess mat.

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Extra Tread

Wider carpet strip recess mat.

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Shuttle Mat

Perfect for prestigious entrances.

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Star Tread 3

Heavy duty mat for high traffic areas.

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Axis Tiles

Interlocking modular entrance matting.

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Durable mat with modern rubber infills.

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Our range of recessed mats are designed to provide a formidable barrier against dirt, moisture and grit entering commercial buildings with high foot traffic. Designed and manufactured by NZ based flooring firms to the highest quality, these recessed mats are built to last.

A robust and efficient matting system has become a norm in the modern buildings of today designed by architects with cutting edge technology. These normally are placed in a proprietary recess at the entrance or are surface mounted on to the floor at the doorway with ramps for easy access. As people walk in to the building, they inadvertently bring in a small amount of dirt and moisture with them. Over a continued time period, this little amount of dirt accumulates to several hundred kilograms! Without a mat, this dirt is brought into the building and scattered over the expensive flooring that leads to scratches excessive wear and tear.

Recessed mats sit low and does the job of keeping the dirt at bay, trapping it into the recess and prolongs considerably, the life of the building’s flooring. The recessed matting also enhances the look of the entrance way, thereby enabling lasting first impressions of cleanliness and professionalism.

The sturdy aluminium frame with premium quality carpet infills come together in proficiently designed recessed mats to form a barrier that would keep the dirt and wet at bay with the added advantage of gaining the trust of visitors to the door.

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