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We understand the way you work and assisting to get matting sorted is what we do for a living. Scroll down to get started.

Talk to someone who understands your work.

  • Getting It Done: You’re looking to get the pricing and specification issues sorted and we are the specialists who can make that easy and readily available for you. Just a phone call to get things moving.
  • Time Frame Matters (no pun intended): When you have to adhere to a deadline and get matting down and finished to a degree of high quality, we are the best crowd to talk to. Because this is exactly the way we like to do it.
  • Two In One: Don’t look for a supplier and an installer because we do both to a high level of proficiency. This dual capability is what keeps our clients coming back to us.
  • A Solution To A Problem: We don’t have to tell you that every matting situation is unique and that “just get some mats down” won’t do. We specialize in assessing the best solution that would fit the situation and make it work. Like the sound of that? We know you do.
  • Nail The Price Down: We quickly provide fixed price quotes and stick to it. We can provide support documents if you needed those.
  • No Loose Ends: You want someone to finish the job and we can deliver. We back our products and our workmanship. We take our reputation very seriously and work hard to provide top class products and services. We want you, the Project Manager, to be satisfied with the job and this fuels us to give it our best.
  • Site Safe:  We take safety seriously (apart from floor safety) and we work smart and work safe to get the job done without incident.

Give us a ring and we’ll get it sorted.

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Call us now on 021 478 056  for a chat with the matting specialists.

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