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  • Heart Of Business: You’re managing a mall, which is a power house of business and getting things done is a priority. We understand that and will back you up when it comes to matting your mall’s many access ways, entrances and walkways.
  • For The People: Customer safety is at the top of your list. Especially, during the wet seasons when slips and trips are just waiting to happen. We specialise in matting systems that would stop the wet and dirt right at the doorway, thus minimising accidents and falls.
  • Clean And Shiny Wins The Praise: Malls are areas of extremely high foot traffic throughout the day. You never know where those feet have been and it is wise to invest in a professionally installed matting system that would trap dirt and grit at the door. This means lower floor maintenance costs and a clean image that comes from clean floors.
  • Decisions Made Easy: Right from the first phone call (or e-mail) we’ll make it a point to give you the right matting advice based on sound and expert reasoning, which will make decision making much easier. Then, you can shift focus to other things while are making matting solutions happen..
  • Budget Friendly: We understand that you are working within a budget and we have a range of prices and products that can be tailored to fit your situation. In other words, we’ll do the best we can to give you the best matting solution.
  • After Hours Accepted: You can’t close off entrance ways to customers during shopping hours and we think the same too. So, we’ll work after hours to make sure you can keep the customers coming in the morning and be impressed with the new mats you organised.
  • Malls And Mats: We have been the supplier-installers of mats for many big malls, for quite a while now. This has given us unmatched experience and understanding of busy shopping malls and the importance of safe and accessible entrance ways.
  • Safety Comes First: We’re big on safety (floors and otherwise) and we are familiar with safety procedural compliance and induction requirements. You can trust us to deliver high quality work and to adhere to safe practices that would make organising matting needs, easy and hassle free for you.

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