Managers! The spotlight is on you!

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You like to get the job done and quick. So do we.
This is an exclusive space for the managers who make things happen.

Quantity Surveyors

Demands. Calculations. Decisions. Done.

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Facilities Managers

Monitor. Fix. Plan. Grow.

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Project Managers

Direct. Execute. Co-ordinate. Sign off.

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Mall Managers

Customers. Safety. Maintain. Develop.

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Talk to someone who understands the industry.

  • Looking to match a building entry to the right entrance mat?
  • Got a specification you need to move forward on but need some advice
    so you can understand what you need to do?
  • Got a stroppy boss/client that needs satisfying and fast?
  • Got a difficult entrance and can’t find someone in the flooring trade to treat you right?
  • Stop looking and contact us.
  • We will listen to you and advise a way forward. We can supply samples and documentation

Call us now on 021 478 056  for a quick assessment and a straightforward solution.

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