Portfolio: The matting solutions that we have implemented.

We have showcased a few of the matting solutions that we have implemented for our valued clients on this page.

Auckland Uni Biz School: Coral Tread Recessed 

Dynex Extrusions: Star Tread 3 Recessed

Northwest Shopping Centre: Axis Tiles

Volvo, Auckland: Coral Tread

Bupa Retirement Village: Coral Tread

Mini Garage, Auckland: Shuttle

This is to show you what we can do for you, with regards to your matting needs. Every entrance way is unique (depending on the amount of foot traffic, location, architectural design, size, etc.) and needs a specialist’s expertise to fit it with the right entrance mat. This is where our clients find us trustworthy because of our extensive experience in providing the right entrance matting solutions.

The way we work is simple.

  1. The client gives us a call regarding their matting needs.
  2. We swing by for a quick chat in our Barrier Mat Van.
  3. We assess the situation and suggest the best applicable matting solution.
  4. The client gives us the ‘go ahead’ and we get the matting to site.
  5. Professional install with stellar finish quality.
  6. Hands shaken. Sign off. Trust built. A relationship formed.
  7. Client comes back for all other matting needs. (Back to Step 1)

Looking for something similar to be done at your building’s entrance ways? Trying to get matting sorted without hassles? Get the matting solutions specialists – Barrier Matting – on the job and relax. Our complete Consult + Supply + Install package is just what you need.

Call us on 021 478 056 now!!

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