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So why choose Barrier Matting?

We believe barrier matting is a specialist niche in the flooring industry. We are not saying that builders or flooring contractors cannot install proficiently. We are saying that often in this game cost issues arise. It is best and cost effective to signal these early. We take responsibility for what we do. If it’s not right, we will fix it. If you are not happy we will talk about it.


What is barrier matting?

Barrier matting, as the name suggests, is the latest development in matting products that, when installed, would act as a barrier to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the building through foot traffic. These mats have high moisture absorption capacity and are tough on dirt. These mats ensure safer floors and protect floors from expensive wear.

How do I choose a matting system?

We have made it easy for you to choose the mat or matting system that best fits your purpose and situation.

1. Call us regarding your matting need and we will give you the best advice to fit your situation.

2. We’ll come and assess the situation, if required and we’ll suggest the most appropriate product.

3. We’ll supply and install, if required, the matting system and do it to your satisfaction and ours (We stand by our standard of work and workmanship).

 If you want assistance in picking the right product, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be glad to walk you through the mat selection process. You could click here to go to our contact page to fill out a simple query form and we’ll get in touch with you.

What about warranty on these mats?

All our mats are guaranteed to last and serve their purpose under normal use (driving heavy machinery over the mat would be an example of abnormal use).

Each product will have a different period of guarantee and we’ll give you a certificate that tells you how long we’ll guarantee the mat to serve its purpose.

Do you hire out mats?

No, we don’t hire mats out. 🙂

The cost of owning our premium quality mats would definitely be worth it, compared to repeated hiring of lower quality mats.

Why get a specialist for a matting job?

Trevor answers this question in this 1 min video.

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