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A recent scouring of the internet for matting facts informed us that 80% of the dirt that comes into a building comes through its entrances.

This was confirmed by one of our recent jobs to replace and install recessed matting for one of our clients. The amount of dirt that had collected in the recess was astounding and had to cart it in a couple of wheel barrows!!.

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Statistics show that on an average a person brings anywhere between 0.55g-0.61g of dirt on their footwear, daily. A robust entrance matting system would address this issue by trapping the dirt that is being brought into the building by footwear, at the doorway. The cost of an entrance matting system is completely worth every cent. Especially, when compared to the cost of cleaning and maintenance associated with this humungous amount of dirt that comes through, in the absence of an entrance mat.

We came across this Dirt Calculator concept and have adapted a version of it (we’ve called it the Dirt-o-meter 😉 ) that gives a pretty good idea of the amount of dirt being tracked into buildings each day and year.

Barrier Matting Specialists got down to do the dirty work so that a shiny new recessed entrance matting system could be put down to help keep the 80% dirt trapped at the door.

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